Five ways crooks try to rip us off in tax season

Oh, for the days when tax tips were as simple as double-check your math and sign your return. Now, we must keep an eye out for tax-related scams, too

.Fraudsters aren’t just hitting us with robocalls claiming to be from the Internal Revenue Service. They’re pretending to “help” you file returns, crafting fake returns to generate huge refunds, and even targeting tax professionals.

Here’s a look at five hot scams this tax season:

Beware of the phony help desk

Con artists can hide behind phone calls or emails and pretend to be from the so-called “help” desk if you turn to your computer to prepare your own taxes.

Don’t give out your password, if someone claims to be from the “Tech Support” team.

TurboTax is warning that consumers have received fake emails that look like they’re from TurboTax.

Some key phrases: “Thanks for choosing TurboTax. Did you attempt to log in from a new computer? For the security of your account, Kindly Sign in securely the link Below.” The wording is odd, skipping words such as “using” the link.

TurboTax said one fake email even claims you’re eligible for an “extra refund.”

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